Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are reviewing the 8th issues of Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural.

We see Leslie in a with both Khal and the Albino arguing about what is best for Leslie. Soon we move to see Carol tied to a chair and taking a beating, while at the same time w see Jones and the Shaman priestess talking about their next move. Back to Leslie and the gang we see them in the jungle and ending up at “Tijoux Park” and meeting up with a tour guide who told them what happen to Tijoux original inhabitants. The guide describes the group about the shaman’s robes and its history, and he shows them a dagger that belongs to a shaman. Out of the blue, the guide stab Khal and Leslie save him, and we see a flashback to her previous life and what happens. Soon after Jones showed up and showed Khal they have his sister, Leslie made a deal with the Albino, and all hell breaks loose. I won’t give away the ending, but it ends the second story arc with a bang.

The second story arc was all about flushing out the story and showing what was going to happen, and everyone who was going to play a role in this arc played it to perfection. Andolfo has everyone who is invested in this series at her fingertips, and we can’t wait till May 8 for the last story arc to begin. Next month the second volume “The Hunt” will be out on April 10 and will have the entire second story arc.