Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are reviewing the newest episode of DOOM PATROL entitled “Cult Patrol.”

This episode has a lot going on with the storyline, the location, an odd cult, and a snow globe. We have in the main story of the episode with the team being called into action yet again but this time by the occult detective Willoughby Kipling, who is played fantastically by Mark Sheppard. Kipling asks the team to save a boy who is the “key” in the whole end of the world situation they are in. We see Robotman and Jane head off to Spain to close a gate that is in the hands of a priest before ending up in the lost city of Nurnheim. Back in the DOOM Manor, the rest of the team do everything they can to protect the boy, but to no avail and at the end of the episode we see a giant eye open up in the earth’s sky.

The episode itself was a odd blast, to say the least, Kipling was the main lead and everyone else had to follow. We also see a new persona from Crazy Jane, which was simple yet funny is best to put it. We see more of Rita opening up a little bit and using her powers which is great. This episode stood out as the shows best so far and with how the episode ends I can guess they will going to need to do something oddly stupid yet heroic.

Next week episode is titled “Paw Patrol,” and no it’s not the cartoon of the same name.