Today we are going to talk about King Cake. This yummy bread with no or fruit filling in the inside and tons of sugars on top. There are many different version, so we are going to talk about the different version of king cake.

French King Cake

  • There are two versions to this cake; Northern and Southern style. The northern style, which is called galette des rois in French. The cake is made with flaky puff pastry which is filled in the center with either apples or frangipane, a sweet filling that is made with almonds, butter, sugar, and eggs. The southern style which is called gateau des rois is a donut shape brioche and topped with candied fruits and sugar.

Spanish king cake

  • Rosca de Reyes or kings cake in Spanish is mostly available in the first six days in January. This oval shape butter based bread that has a dried and candied fruits such as figs, cherries, and other fruits. It is not that sweet as one thinks and many times it is served with hot cocoa.

Common King Cake

  • The traditional king cake, which is a simple sweet bread with a sweet, mild tart frosting with colored crystal sugar on top on it. This cake does have some symbolism to it, the purple, green and gold sugar color stand for justice, faith and power respectively.

So there you go, a simple bread with many versions to it and all taste yummy. Maybe next year take the time to try some of these different king cake or if your local bakery can make it on request give it a go.