Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (MFMM for short) is a wonderful series that is a real hidden gem that many people are missing out on. While the series ended back in 2015, fans of the series, including myself, had to wait till this year to see a new tv series and it came to the surprise of many. Ms. Fisher’s Modern Mysteries is a spin-off series to the original series, and as for now, it is not that bad.

The series takes place in Melbourne Australia in the 1960s, a good 40 years after the end of the original series, this series follows Peregrine Fisher, the niece that Phryne Fisher knew but never met, inherits a fortune when Phryne went missing in New Guinea. Once Peregrine hears about her aunt live as a private detective, she decides to follow her aunt’s footsteps, with help from the Adventuresses club.

The series is split into four telemovies, unlike the three seasons of MFMM and it feels at times rushed. The first episode “Just Murdered” was a great way for many fans to get into this new series. We do see some easter eggs that fans of MFMM will pick up on and the setting fits well. “Dead Beat” the second episode felt rushed and at times some of the actors and characters feel out of place, too boring and predictable. Geraldine Hakewill does a fine job playing the lead role, and she doesn’t try to copy Essie Davis’s fantastic job as Phryne Fisher, she makes Peregrine her own person. Joe Jackson does a good job as Det, James Steed, there are times that I think he tries a bit too hard but I’ll let it slide. The rest of the supporting cast does a fine job as well, but in “Dead Beats” they all felt out of place from time to time, but like I said before its just me and I’ll let it slide.

Each episode clocks in just under 2 hours and the other two episodes will be shown in March, and once I see them, I’ll have the second part for you and my final thoughts on this series as a whole.