Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are going to review the third episode of DCU hit series DOOM PATROL, titled “Puppet Patrol.”

We pick up where “Donkey Patrol” left off as the team is trying to find out who is Mr. Nobody, where is the Chief, and what is going on. We see that they find a picture of the donkey from the last episode and they are off to Paraguay via school bus. After seeing the team failing even to make it to Mexico, they end up sharing a hotel room before Jane decide to “go” to Paraguay with Robotman and Negative Man, while Cyborg and Elasti-Girl are back in the hotel room. We see the team in Paraguay meeting up with the same doctor who gave Mr. Nobody his powers and see an “interesting” puppet play; they try to find some answers, while at the same times Elasti-Girl and Cyborg bond with what happens in the last episode. In the end, we see they found more questions than answer not only about the Chief but themselves, and we are introduced to a new villain, and his name is Animal-Mineral, Vegetable man, and yes you read it, and I’m not making this name up.

“Puppet Patrol” was a great, very odd, and sad episode. Besides the main storyline of this episode, it was the side story of Negative Man, which was the best part. We got to see more of his past, know what he had to dealt with before and after the accident that gave him his powers and trying to figure out who he is now. We also got to see Robotman lose his cool and the result was not pretty and made him question who he is now as well. The other side story with Elasti-Girl and Cyborg was ok at best, kind of the weakest link but it did set up for some great storylines later down the series.

Next week episode is called “Cult Patrol,” and like last week, we have to wait and see where this one takes us on.