Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Mobile Suit Gundam or Gundam for short is turning 40 this year, and in these 40 years, the series would become a household name, its Gunpla models, becoming a media and toy franchise and a cultural and global phenomenon.

The series came out as an anime first before a two-part manga came out back in 1979. The series was created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, and Sunrise produced the series. The series was set in the future in the “Universal Century” or UC for short, in the year 0079. The story was about a war between The Principality of Zeon and Earth Federation, with Zeon winning the war, the EF had a new giant robot or “Mobile Suite,” which was the RX-78-2 Gundam and the teenager who was its pilot, Amuro Ray. Throughout the 43 episode run, we all see the hardship and outcome of war through the eyes of Amuro and see how it can change a person, for better and for worst.

Yoshiyuki Tomino said before in an interview that he wanted to tell a story about war and who was to blame in the end. He also introduced one of the greatest anti-hero/anti-villain in anime history with Char Aznable. The series also treated the mobile suites as weapons of war and the concept of sometimes the good guys can be the villains, and the villain can be the heroes.

The series and franchise went to be showcased on Japanese museums and stamps, video games and even to sell a special edition car.

This series went on to create many other series and spin-off series as well, and it’s all thanks to this one and to end this here is a small stop motion film that is all made with Gundam Models.