Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Its been a while but I going to review the second issue of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo Batman Damned.

The comic pick up where the last issue left off and it looks like its going for a more darker tone as we see more and more of Batman’s pass in a very dark way. We understand how far will he go to find out what happened to The Joker and why he can’t remember a thing about it. Batman ends up going to a demon bar and sees he is not going to get what he wants steps out and get a visit by Enchantress, who may be behind what is going on. We see how the city is going to hell in many ways, and soon as Batman goes see the Bat Signal, he sees a fake Joker and sees its Harley Quinn, and she is not in a good place. I won’t spoil the end to the issue, but it is tough to see and read.

Azzarello is going all out in this issue, and it works, the storytelling is in full swing, and Bermejo’s beautiful artwork and scale of Gotham City, the dark color tone, character tone and there looks really shine here. DC Black Label has a great hit here and is worth the read, even if it the wait is the only bad thing about this book.