Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today Omega Kai is writing about the latest Mortal Kombat 11 news and without further ado here is Omega Kai!

January 31st, 2019 a cold arctic vortex force Netherrealm Studio to move their komkast date to February 05th, 2019. This added to the building of hype to the unveiling of the most anticipated return of Kabal. What can you say about Kabal….. he has features of the previous Kabal. There was burn victim and a non-burn victim Kabal costumes, besides the “gears” a la Injustice 2 provided an updated Fallout-esque like build for the returning fan fav. The live stream showcase new mechanics and variations are, in essence, the same, there’s the iconic double hook swords and gas mask accompanied with move sets that plague everyone in the tourney scene. Mk 11 also tends to divided, emphasized and accentuate Kabal’s original abilities into separate builds. In Kabal’s case, variations such as a saw blade and gas will quench any Kabal loyalist.

Though the one on live streams was customized prior in their so-call load outs. It has provided insight into the potential possibility of what Kabal can do in tourneys. Either way, it seems that he has been tone done since the MK9 glory days. No more nomad dash cancellations without costing meters my cheeky MK mates! Those days are gone! Though instant air gas blast seems to be gone also! For those who love to “zone” or spam projectiles on Roof Top Day stage in MK9, my condolences (not really). Kabal still seems to be fun in spite of the fact seem to tone down for fair play rather Nerf. Too early to say if Kabal is going to be top tier much like his MK9 days. Kabal, however, he remains a stable that was gone so he can be miss! And MK fans are happy of his return, and we miss his Dearth Vader impersonations!-Omega Kai