Saki, a drink that is so common in Japan and yet we see it as an exotic drink has slowly become the norm now. With so many brands out there and I have drunk about an outstanding amount of sake of all kinds and price levels, today I’m going to review a new brand for the first time, and that brand is TYKU Sake.

TYKU Sake is made in Nara, Japan, which is considered to be the birthplace of sake. This sake brand is made at the Umenoyado Brewery, which has been owned by the Yoshida family for five generations and its current owner, Kayo Yoshida is the first female brewery owner in Nana. The Umenoyado Brewery is home to one of my favorite sake, Bizen Omachi Junmai Daiginjo.

TYKU Sake brand has six different sake to offer, and they are as follow with a simple description to each one:

  1. Junmai- Premium sake with a nice smooth taste which I’m going to do the review on.
  2. Tokubetsu- a special edition sake that is available at Benihana.
  3. Junmai Ginjo- A super premium sake which you could find at any sushi bars.
  4. Junmai Daiginjo- Ultra premium sake.
  5. Coconut Nigori- an unfiltered sake with a coconut taste to it.
  6. Cucumber- A premium sake that is made out of cucumber

Now to get to the taste test and how I drank it. I had three cups of this but in three different ways with sushi, grilled meat and chicken and alone. I also had the sake in different ways as well, warm, room temperature and chilled.


  • The sake was not that great warm. It somehow lost taste and with the sushi, hot food and by itself was not what I expected.

Room Temperature

  • A lot better than before. By itself, it was great, with sushi and hot food was excellent as well but the food didn’t complement it.


  • Perfect. It went so well with the sushi and hot food, wasn’t lost in the mix and by itself was just beautiful.

If I had to compare it with any other brand that I drink, I would say it almost like Katafune Junmai Genshu, a very nice clean taste that you will want to come back for more. Would I recommend it, yes for anyone who wants a good sake or wants to try it for the first time. Hopefully, I can try the other and see how they taste and remember don’t drink and drive and drink responsibility.