Ahoy me mateys captain cats here. Netflix is on a role with week with Roma in The Oscars, and this week they renew two cartoon series with a huge fan base.

According to EW Netflix has renewed She-Ra and The Princess of Power, one of the best series from last year. With new episodes coming on April 26 of this year this was a brilliant move by Netflix. Everyone praised the series, and people wanted to see more.

The other series that was renewed was F is for Family. According to The Hollywood Reporter the Bill Burr series that takes place in the ’70s and see how the Murphy family has to deal with everyday life, for good and worse was renew for another season with 10 episode season. This is a no brainer for Netflix, due to Netflix’s dominance with adult animation series with Big Mouth, Paradise PD, Disenchantment and Bojack Horseman.