Ahoy me mateys captain cats here, and today I have some sad news to report. Legendary comic book artist and writer George Perez announced that he is retiring from the comic book world. Perez stated in his Facebook page that due to many health issues has forced him to retire from the comic book world.

During his time at DC, he worked on and had great runs on books such as The New Teen Titans with co-creator Marv Wolfman and created famous characters Deathstroke the Terminator, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. During his run on The New Teen Titans, he and Wolfman created such story arcs such as “The Judas Contract,” “A Day in the Lives…,” “Who is Donna Troy?,” and “We are gathered here today.” Perez with Wolfman went on to create the most critical comic event in DC history, and that is Crisis on Infinite Earths. He also worked on the reboot of Wonder Woman, The New Titans, and Superman. At Marvel, he worked on The Infinity Gauntlet, The Avengers, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu.

Perez has won 4 Eagle Awards, 2 Jack Kirby Awards, and an inkpot award.