Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Today I’m going to review season 3 of F is for Family, and all I have to say is this season is one of its best but darkest at the heart of it.

The series picked up a few months after the end of season 2 with the Murphy family is expecting a new member and this season takes place in the summer. We see that Frank and Sue are trying to see what they are going to do with the new baby, Kevin going to summer school, Bill has his first girlfriend, and Maureen is trying to get attention and show how smart she is. This season a new neighbor shows up, Chet Stevenson an Air Force pilot and his wife Nguyen Nguyen whom he met during the Vietnam War.

During the season we see some funny moments and some sad heart to heart moments, especially when Frank talks about one of the saddest moment of his life to Kevin. One of the characters who had the saddest and darkest moments was Chet’s wife; she talks about all of the atrocities she has to see and what she had to do to not only survive the war but her life with her husband as well.

This season is one of the series best, but at a price, as we see what happens at the end of the season which may leave us all hoping for a season 4. F is for Family is one of Netflix’s best-hidden gems of original series content they have.

Let us know what you think about F is for Family.