Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Next month we find out what’s coming and going from Netflix and in this case there are new anime series coming. There are two which I watch and enjoy, and they are Baki and Hi-Score Girl.

Baki was a Netflix exclusive in Japan which started airing during the Summer season of 2018. The storyline for this series is based on the Most Evil Death Row Convicts arc. If you never had read or heard of Baki, this is a great place to start and to watch, but be warned it is not for kids and it is very bloody and violent. Baki will be on Netflix on December 18.

Hi Score Girl was one of the best anime that came out of the Summer season. This anime is a love letter for the arcade scene of Japan during the ’90s. The story is about a boy who is obsessed with video games and one day meets a girl who gets the best of him at the one thing he loves, video games. As I stated in my review for this series, its a breath of fresh air in every way and we can see why the arcade scene is still alive in Japan and why it died in the USA. Hi-Score Girl will be on Netflix on December 24.

Leave us a comment below on what you think about these two upcoming series.