Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Well, it official now, we have entered into the holiday season and if there is one we that we can all agree on is this, the food. For some reason, holiday food tends to taste better than any other time of the year and feel great too. This brings up the question what makes holiday food so special?

In the next two months everyone is going to be eating a lot of food, not just plan simple meals, but festive, spiced up, warm and hearty meals with a dash of sweetness at the end with a glass of wonderful drink of said person choice. Food such as oven roasted or deep-fried turkey, baked or grilled ham, baked mac and cheese, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course the stuffing taste so great this time of the year than the rest of the year. Could it be because this time of the year everything seems more “homey” and “festive,” or maybe it brings the best out of people this time of the year? Who knows what the real answer is, but as long food still tastes good, who cares.

Another thing that is showing up more on the table is foods from other culture. It seems more and more food from a different culture are starting to join in on this holiday season and I’m glad it is. Asian, European, African, Middle Eastern, Central and South American food is slowly integrating into our holiday food fest, and we should welcome them with open arms. One also must remember that from a cultural point of view the holidays are not celebrated either the same way as you or I do or not at all because it’s not in their culture and we must respect that.

So this year take the time to enjoy and appreciate the food that we all know and love, but the new ones that maybe our next favorite dish and soon to be a standard meal for the holidays for years to come.