Ahoy me matey Captain Cats here! Since Halloween is a few days away here are some recommendations for comics to look into and read if you are going to stay home for Halloween:

  • The Archie Horror imprint line– Who would have thought that out of all the publishing companies, Archie Comics would hit gold with their Horror imprint line. With comics such as Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jughead The Hunger and most recently Vampironica. You can take your pick with any of them, and you will have a great read for Halloween.
  • Infidel– This mini-series came out on March of this year, and it is good for a great scare. The series follows an American Muslim woman and neighbors move into a building that lives off of xenophobia. Written by Pornsak Pichetshote and art work by Aaron Campbell, Infidel is something different when it comes to horror, in a good way of course.
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark– Elvira is back with a new comic series and its great. Everything that makes Elvira so wonderful is in here, and the story is excellent. Written by David Avallone and art work done by Dave Acosta this is worth a look into.
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer– This legendary Vertigo series no needs any explanation, pick up any of the Vertigo Hellblazer prints, John’s current DC print run is ok but nowhere as good as his Vertigo print run.
  • Supernatural Law– Lastly we have a series is in a league of its own. Supernatural Law or Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, is a series that is written and drawn by Batton Lash. The series follows Wolff, Byrd and ‘World’s Greatest Secretary’ Mavis as they do there best to represent their clients, who are none other than the many forms of the creatures of the night! If you love satire humor with a hint of the macabre, look this series up.

I hope you take the time out of your day and look up these recommendation and buy them and make a good cup of your favorite drink and enjoy them and of course Happy Halloween!