Yo ho! Nightrider ‘ere!

“Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law,” ended with Harvey saving the world from Nitron but getting ran over and killed by Phil Ken Sebben. But now there’s a special dealing with the aftermath of the series finale. “Harvey Birdman, Attorney General” premiered this past Sunday.

Ahoy: Spoilers ahead!

So why is Phil Ken Sebben the 46.5th President of the United States? He doesn’t even know! So who will help him out of this funk? His old “pal” Harvey Birdman!

Apparently, Harvey is alive and well, spending his time between his wife and his ghostwriting for Phil. But Phil “convinces” him to come back and help him get impeached due to Phil’s rational explanation on Phil’s insanity: Phil unleashes a nuclear missile at Washington DC. Birdgirl comes to help Harvey while still avoiding her father’s (Phil) advances. Peter Potamus returns to help, but it turns out that he knows something that could blow the case wide open and endanger his own life.

After finding Peter’s secret files, Harvey and Birdgirl track down Mentok the Mindtaker; Mentok reveals that Harvey was revived as a human-portable hard drive for useless files while using the “free space” to manipulate the populace to vote for Phil during a non-election season. But the “Constitution” mandates that the only way for nukes to be recalled is for the former president, Black Thunder, to be reinstated as president. Peter then confesses that the non-election vote was his doing all along: he did it so that he could sell merchandise and make a big profit.

The impeachment is successful, and Harvey saves the day. But not without a dark aftermath. Peter is hilariously assassinated at a sushi restaurant. Harvey returns to his home and finishes his newest novel; he is unaware that his silent wife has a bullet hole in her head. Phil gets away without a care because he killed Harvey’s wife and pinned the murder on him; at the same time, Phil steals Harvey’s book and sails away with a fortune. Peter rises from his grave, only to die again shortly.

This special of Harvey Birdman did not disappoint. The characters have not changed, the random craziness is accelerated, and the “let’s f**k over Harvey again” attitude is still present. And yet, the ending of this special was dark. It’s like the writing team wanted to f**k Harvey very bad without reason; one could feel sympathetic towards Harvey’s eternal predicament. With that being said, “Harvey Birdman, Attorney General” is a win. Let’s see if there’s another special in the works.