Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here! Today I’m going to review an indie comic that is outside of the Big 3 in the comic industry, and this is The Good, The Bad, and The Bunny by Candy Briones, who also does Taco El Gato.

The comic starts with a with an excellent, funny introduction about what is going on in this world and then we see what is going on in this world. We know what is going on with the bunnies in the kingdom of Anemon and we see a prince who we don’t see his face. After a moment we see a wizard, who I think is the prince’s adviser discuss with the mad prince about the fate of the bunnies. We see a bunny by the name of Bernabie go on the run to make it to the sea and cross it to Daianthus to find help. At Trapik Sno we see Queen Beatrixe drinking and picking fights with her people till a real fight brakes out due to spies. Later we see one of the spies making back to his kingdom and talk to his king, and we see our bunny protagonist on a ship to cross the sea, and it ends there.

Candy Briones take on the fantasy or dark fantasy realm is on a light tone, which I don’t mind at all. I read a lot of dark fantasy books and manga myself, from Andrzej Sapkowski The Witcher book series, Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian book series and Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga series. The Good, The Bad and The Bunny is light compared to Conan and Berserk, from the storytelling, the use of the colors and art style, even the characters themselves are not so dark. Bernabie the Bunny is not a savage warrior like Conan or a monster hunter like Geralt of Rivia or even a mercenary seeking bloody revenge like Guts, he just a bunny trying to save his kind. The other characters in the issue fall into the same fantasy archetypes, from the warrior queen, the brainwash prince, the mysterious foe and evil mage but they do have some personality.

The Good, The Bad and The Bunny is good for what it is, a light fantasy, which isn’t bad at all. I would recommend this to people who want to see or read something different from the indie scene, or maybe for their kid who wants something different from what they read. The Good, The Bad and The Bunny is worth checking out if your willing to give it a try and keep an open mind while reading it.

So what do you think of The Good, The Bad, and The Bunny? Let us know in the comments below!