Today on Hidden gems we are going to talk about an artist who has a voice like no other, a unique lo-fi style and lyrics that are heartfelt, and the artist’s name is Sophie Meiers. I ‘ll be honest that I didn’t know who she was at all until I head the song ‘Smile.’ The song was 100% different to what I listen to, the lyrics and the beat were refreshing, but its the first seconds into the song when you hear Meiers voice. Her voice is smooth, elegant, and a joy to listen too. Soon after, I went to look up more songs that she has done, and she has done quite a lot.

Each of her songs never sounds the same and have a touch of uniqueness to them. Songs such as Sincerely, Yours, off/on, crystal garden and house warmth have there own charm, and the lyrics go hand in hand with the music. What surprises me the most about Sophie Meiers is that she sounds very humble and human when she sings, that is something you don’t hear very much in music today.

Her lyrics speak for themselves and if she told you how she feels at that moment in her life, or that something happens to her and this is her only way to express herself. Take for example in the song Sincerely, Yours :

7:30 AM, my dreams fading

The only thing that I can think, is waking up in your arms

You love me even when I fall apart

You always told me I was a piece of art

I loved you from the very start

I know it’s gonna be hard

(But I wanna heal your scars) – Sophie Meiers

As you can see, it sounds like she is talking to you about if she and the listener were in a relationship and trying to make it work on both sides. If you have some time during the work week or even on the weekend, listen to Sophie Meiers and enjoy.