Today in hidden gem we are going to talk about a hidden gem that surprisingly shouldn’t be, and that’s MACROSS 82-99 album A Million Miles Away. The album released in July of 2017 and I was very shocked at how great this album is! From the moment you listen to the first track, you get sucked into the beat and groove, and it doesn’t stop till you hit the fourth track “Lovers.” “Lovers” slows down the dance groove and you want to either chill out and relax or get a partner and slow dance with them. Soon after the vibe picks up again and than slow downs, it fluctuate back and fourth and I think that is is one of two thing I can nitpick on this album. The other thing would be that the whole album comes in just over 25 minuets, but I also think its just right for this type of music. After listening to this album I had to ask myself, how come I never heard of this album or this artist at all?

The music in this album is a mix of funk, electronic, J Pop, maybe a bit of disco but I could be wrong in that one, but it works. The sound of this album that MACROSS 82-99 did is just hypnotic, and you want to get up, dance and let it all out on the dance floor.

A fun fact about this album is that it also has a Limited Edition via cassette and I couldn’t believe that until I saw it online and load and behold its true. So if you want to listen to something completely different in your music catalog, something to get you in the groove in the morning or before you go out at night, I would highly recommend you to listen to this album and look up this artist.