Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here! DC’s Black Label launch with Batman: Damned and I have to say its a not your typical Batman story, not by a long shot. Written by Brian Azzarello and all the artwork done by Lee Bermejo, whom both work together on 2008’s Joker graphic Novel, which I would recommend you to read it if you haven’t.

The moment you open and read the first few pages of Damned you see Batman dying in an ambulance. Soon after a crazy escape, he runs till he falls over on a pile of garbage and trying to call Alfred. Then we see bats falling off a bridge and trying to swim for his life and look at his parents like if they were there while being pulled back into the water; only to see bats was still on the pile of garbage, and we see none other than the Hellblazer himself John Constantine coming to save the day. We see a flashback with Batman as a child playing and he see someone who I wont say, trying to tell him to keep it a secret. Batman wakes up in a room filled with marking all over the walls and floor and in the other room we see Constantine with Deadman watching TV to find out that someone killed The Joker. Rushing to the scene of the crime, batman waits till Gordon and his crew leave and we see Gordon interact with someone who “saw” what happen. From here on out we see what Batman does best, and we also see this fear that is haunting him. In the end, we see both Batman and Constantine at a church and see a disturbing work of art and the end of this issue.

Azzarello and Bermejo did a hell of a job with the storytelling, pacing and artwork and setting. Azzarello writing and storytelling shine in this world and environment. Bermejo artwork and coloring is incredible, he brings Gotham City to life in a dark, gritty, metropolis that fits this Black Label first series perfectly. The narrative was spot on with what going on and within this world. I would have like to see more of John and Deadman, but seeing how it ended, I think we will see more of them in the coming issues.

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