Hello all, Nightrider here with another analysis/review of the newest Venture outing “The Unicorn in Captivity.”

Ahoy! Possible spoilers ahead!

Doc Venture, working with Billy Quizboy and Pete White, is experimenting with his latest invention: a teleportation machine. Several apple tests later, the trio find success. But now they need a human lab rat to see if it works completely. In comes the Captain, who stumbles on to the machine and makes Doc’s teleportation success a reality. While this goes on, Brock kills a small spy that discovers Doc’s newest invention and considers this a potential threat.

The Monarch is disgruntled because Dr. Mrs. The Monarch assigned him to work with a team of villains as a third banana. In exchange for this, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch offers her husband upgrades if he plays nice. As he meets the new team, led by CopyCat, he discovers that their next arching assignment is to invade VenTech for the latest Venture invention. CopyCat discloses a sophisticated plan to obtain the device, despite The Monarch’s protests due to his expertise on arching Venture; CopyCat gives The Monarch the task of being the lookout.

Brock takes Doc inside a secret room within VenTech to speak to General Gathers. Gathers tells Doc to destroy his newest invention because it is a “game-changer:” potential mailing “errors,” major players behind the scenes, and possible doomsday applications may befall Venture’s newest legacy. The solution: Brock and Gathers take Doc to “group therapy” to convince him to destroy his invention for the “greater good.” It turns out that the “group” in question is an orgy fest involving dark individuals with deviant pleasures. He discovers that a near-naked woman, who happens to be Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, is in this group and gets escorted away by a mysterious man. As Doc fails to break the ice, someone breaks it for him with an interesting proposition involving his invention.

Meanwhile, The Monarch is tasked with aerial surveillance but calls up Gary to get his flying wings. Surprisingly, the new team succeeds in breaking into VenTech. However, Brock wasn’t supposed to be there, forcing the crew to form a rapid “Plan B.” The Monarch is tasked with being the distraction.

Doc encounters a masked man in a red robe, who explains that he can have all of life’s pleasures forever if he plays along with a “Lady and Tiger” pitch: he could join and take the “Lady,” portrayed as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, or BE taken by the “Tiger,” portrayed by a big man with a strap-on.

It is revealed that CopyCat is a cheat: he sets up his “team” to be expendible while he takes the glory. As Brock hilariously dispatches the clown, The Monarch breaks into Hank’s room and slides down to the Panic Room, where he gains one of the two teleporters. The arching plan soon falls apart with a teleported beheading, thereby foreshadowing Gathers’ dangers of teleportation. As Sargent Hatred traps The Monarch, he is saved by CopyCat’s copycat clones (the real team). Chaos ensues as The Monarch teleports back and forth away from Brock and CopyCat, resulting in CopyCat’s death. The Monarch and Gary obtain both teleporters and disappear before Brock discovers that The Monarch wins the “game-changer.”

In the end, Doc Venture partakes in the orgy happily. But it is revealed to be a ruse: Gathers had Doc in a simulation machine to convince him to stop with his teleportation experiments. But they don’t know the truth about The Monarch’s major victory yet.

Progress is the major recurring theme this season. Doc is starting to see that Brock and the OSI are hindering his new success that may change the world for the better, even telling Brock that he is a Judas. Brock is now seen as an annoyed babysitter bored with his job and neglecting it unless he receives orders from Gathers. The Monarch is returning to his roots as The Mighty Monarch with every success, culminating in obtaining the biggest game-changer in the Venture World. We, the viewer, are looking at an unpredictable setup where anything now goes because of The Monarch’s most significant victory so far in this season. All we have to do now is wait and see what The Monarch will do with the teleportation machines next week.