Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! The 15th of September is not only Batman day but also the launch date for DC’s DC UNIVERSE or DCU for short, digital subscription service. We will do a full in-depth review later but for now, it is going to be about one thing, and that is content. During SDCC, they announced the DCU with lots of material as it shows they do. Here is what they will have on launch:

  • 6 Batman films
  • 4 Superman films
  • 12 Batman animated films
  • 2 Superman animated films
  • 1 Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Justice League animated film
  • 12 Animated series
  • 9 Live action series
  • 8 Specials
  • A total of 293 comic series to read.

For $8 a month, just the comics alone is worth it. The movies, both animated and live action are great as well and the TV series themselves. If they can add more to this, maybe add Vertigo as well, and have great exclusive content, this could be a trendsetter; this could not only give Marvel a run for its money, but also a HUGE head starts in this media.

So what you think of DCU lineup? Do you have it or pass on this? Let us know!