Ahoy! Nightrider here!

Many questions with answers that bring about more questions are present with the newest Venture episode “The Anamorata Consequence.”

Warning: possible spoilers ahead.

The episode begins with the Venture clan family trip back to the abandoned remains of the old Venture compound to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Tolerance between the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the O.S.I. Both groups arrive as well to renew the Treaty of Tolerance for the second time.

As the party goes on, a bored Dean leaves the compound and heads to Ben Potter’s house for a visit. Hank gets escorted out by a private from the O.S.I. He reveals himself to be Dermott, and the two resume their brotherly friendship.

Once again, this season brings back old characters that develop this episode forward. Ward and Watch botch Doc’s eloquent speech. Agent Kimberly McManus continues her relationship with Guild Stranger S464. And who could forget Shore Leave!

Like Julius Caesar’s failed triumph after becoming dictator of Rome, the renegotiation of the Treaty of Tolerance does not go as planned. Specific arching episodes and rule technicalities plague the talks. At the same time, S464 and McManus have a falling out of their relationship because she found “pee pee” on S646’s belt; Dermott and Hank catch them in secret.

The red HELPeR speaks to Dean about the origins of the HELPeR robots and their purge, saying that it is the only survivor of that purge and that the Venture’s HELPeR is the prototype. It also explains to Dean how both it and Dean are alike: they are clones of great-but-flawed scientists trying to discover their identity in their own way. While this goes on, the Treaty’s “Pool Battle” begins between the Guild’s Phantom Limb and the O.S.I.’s Shore Leave; Doc shakes his head in annoyance.

As McManus breaks up with S464, Hank reveals his hilarious plan to detain them with Dermott. However, after Dermott’s critique of the plan, Hank decides to do the “old school” thing and rat them out instead.

The most significant part of the story development of the Venture lore that raises questions comes when Dean and HELPeR Mk. II (the red HELPeR’s new name given by Dean). After trying to explore life outside Ben’s house, Dean tries to convince Mk. II to give the outside world another chance. Mk. II refuses, saying that its life is content as it is even though there is much sorrow about its place in the world. As Dean says goodbye, Mk. II says “Goodbye, Rusty Venture.” This may indicate that Rusty himself could be a clone of the real Rusty Venture, exactly like Dean is a clone of the real Dean.

Before the renegotiation blows up, Doc has an epiphany and declares that both sides of the room are nothing but little whiny children. He acts like the responsible adult and proposes a better Treaty of Tolerance that both sides can agree to with frowns. As the talks conclude, Dermott reports “his” findings with General Gathers and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch with Gathers showing interest in Dermott’s potential career with the O.S.I. Dean admits to skipping out of the talks to Doc, but shows affection and understanding to Doc about the clone issue; naturally, Doc has no idea what is going on but appreciates the love.

After the credits, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch reveals that it wasn’t “pee pee” on S464’s belt but the initials P.P. She proclaims that the Peril Partnership has infiltrated the Guild.

As a whole, this episode shows that the Venture lore is moving forward at a steady pace. I assumed that Dermott was written off after Season 5, but it was cool seeing him again; he is a Venture as well. More of past characters from previous seasons make a comeback this season so that the world of the Venture clan can progress. But as I noted above, new questions arise from answers. Will Dean reveal his new findings to Doc? Does Hank get to hang out with Dermott and reek havoc in New York? What are the new rules to the new Treaty of Tolerance? And what will happen to the Guild now because of the Peril Partnership?

Hopefully some of these questions will get answered next week. I may have to set up a schedule later this month to accommodate the Venture Bros., South Park, and Netflix’s Bojack Horseman.