Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Dean Yeagle is a jack of all trade. From working in the animation industries for years to making his own company and doing commission artwork for sketches and pinup, Dean work is one of a kind and beloved all over the world. I was very fortunate to find ‘Melange,’ its French for mix and in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a book of Dean Yeagle assorted works.

The book was published by Editions Akileos from France in 2011 and just to let you all know this book is NOT appropriate for kids regarding nudity. Melange is 160 pages and divided into four section, and they as follow:

  • Animation & Character Design-this section has a lot of his work he has done for other animation studio and is own studio which is Caged Beagle Production, INC. You be surprised at the jobs and characters he works with on over the years.
  • Sketches– This section Dean stated that a lot of his work was based on life drawing from models, with his unique style. The illustrations in this section are gorgeous and have a life of their own.
  • Pin-ups– As this section stated a lot of the art here is pin-up artwork. Each pin-up is lovely and full of style and color.
  • Mandy– Yeagle’s most iconic character. 65 pages of much different artwork of Mandy and they are lovely. There is even a seven-page section of Mandy in the use of varying art styles which are a delight.
  • Playboy Cartoons-This section is cartoon works he did between 2000-2007 for Playboy Magazine.

This book is excellent and if your a collector of artworks and art books of any kind I highly recommend you looking for this book. If you never heard of Dean Yeagle and wanted to see any of his work you can at Caged Beagle Production, INC.