Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Dungeons and Dragons or D&D for short is the granddaddy of ALL RPGs. Since 1974 until now, no game has been more influential to not only in the tabletop world but to video games as well. Till now there have been five editions of the game (1st till 3.5 are my personal favorites), and tons of expansion, resource, monster cyclopedia, magic, character class books and the list go on and on. This October a new album will be a book that not only collectors can get but for all fans of D&D will enjoy as well.

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is a journey from a visual point of view of the 44-year history of D&D, from its 1st edition in 1974 to the most current which is the 5th edition which was published back in 2014. Written by Mike Witwer, Sam Witwer, Jon Peterson and Kyle Newman, this book shows how the game evolved from its early days of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the creators of the game and the games first publisher, Tactical Studies Rules, Inc, till now.

The book with come in two versions:

  • The Standard Edition-this is the essential hardcover book.
  • The Special Edition– the hardcover book with with 10 re-created classic D&D artwork and a unpublished version of D&D most infamous adventure module Tomb of Horrors. All of this is packaged in a book package that open and closes.

If you are interested in getting either or, you can pre-order them via Amazon or if you want to wait for both books will be released in October of this year, I will be picking this one up, and I will be doing a review.

Are you a fan of D&D and are planning to get this book? Let us know in the comment below!