As I was sitting down the other day and watch Justice League Unlimited, I saw Batman singing a song called Am I blue and how the way Batman was singing it was very emotional. Little did I know this song was older and has a history of the artists who have sung this song from 1929 till now.

The song was created by Harry Akst, songwriter and pianist during his days in Vaudeville and Grant Clarke, composer and songwriter in 1929. The story in this song is about a woman who became blue when she found out her man left her. The song was featured in the movie On the the Show! in 1929 and performed by Ethel Waters. The movie was also the first all-talking, all-color by Warner Bros. Over the years many artists sang the song from all kinds of music background such as:

Each artist had put their charm, sure some of the versions do sound a bit of the same regarding the composition of music, but how each artist sang it to their abilities makes them stand out. Since we are on the topic of how many artist making this song their own, let us talk about Kevin Conroy, AKA the voice of Batman. In the 2004 episode of Justice League Unlimited “This Little Piggy” Kevin Conroy sang a bit of this song in the episode and for anyone who was a Batman fan hearing him sing this was wonderful. The way they set it up for him to sing the song and after the reason why he sang it was beautiful. So next time to hear someone singing Am I Blue, reach out to them and be a friend, a little help can make a difference in not only in the long run, but also  make that person’s day.

So there you have it, what other song or artist do you think is a hidden gem? Let us know in the comment below!