Nightrider here!

The second episode to the seventh season of The Venture Bros., “The Rorqual Affair,” occurs at the same time as the season seven premiere episode “The Venture Bros. & the Curse of the Haunted Problem.”

Ahoy there! Spoilers ahead!

It seems that Gary’s new job as the Blue Morpho’s assistant is taking its toll as it interferes with his sleep. In fact, his dreams cause him to oversleep and catch up with The Monarch (disguised as The Blue Morpho), who is on a suicide mission at Wide Wale’s not-so-hidden hideout. Unfortunately for The Monarch, his plan falls apart due to Gary’s tardiness.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and the newly-formed Guild of Calamitous Intent try to calm the archers due to the actions of The Blue Morpho. Red Death proposes a plan to get Blue Morpho’s head in exchange for a seat on the Council of 13.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has a lot to work with this season as the head of the Guild. But it seems that her work is going to take a toll on her relationship with The Monarch. She is so busy with the Guild that she has yet to realize that Blue Morpho is her husband The Monarch; Red Death probably sees this and is using Dr. Mrs. The Monarch’s predicaments to better his situation. Eventually in this episode, she “catches” Gary, making him spill the beans about Blue Morpho’s real identity.

Wide Wale shares his origin story to Blue Morpho about how he became the villain that he is while his older brother disapproves. He also mentions his murderous plans and how he wants to destroy The Monarch for murdering his brother Dr. Dugong; Blue Morpho is in deep!

The past is rewriting many futures in this episode, adding chaos to the canon. Yet, it seems to be necessary at times. Red Death’s origin story involving Gargantua-1 is something that may need some more explaining. And the return of Hank’s Enrico Matassa adds fun to the mix even though Matassa’s ethics were put to the test when Wide Wale tasks him to off Blue Morpho in exchange for his daughter’s hand.
The ending was a bit of a turn off when they bring back Dr. Dugong, but it was necessary to continue the story and watch Sirena get even more pissed off at her father for lying to her even more. As for the Venture building across the street, we may have to wait for a trilogy episode next week to possibly conclude this mini-arc of the Venture crew.

P.S.: The real Blue Morpho shows up at the Venture building, bringing more questions at the same time as The Monarch is free from culpability (except from Dr. Mrs. The Monarch).