Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! This past Sunday was the premiere for season 7 of The Venture Bros, and it picks up where season 6 left off; well sort of in a way. It starts with a flashback two year before season 7, and we see JJ Venture finding the remains of “Gargantua 1” to discover “Problem” a huge computer and install it in “Ven-Tec” in NYC. From here we see what made the series so wonderful, from the haunting of the building and how Brock, Dean, and Rusty react to the nighttime haunting which was funny to see, while see also see Hank in bed in a funny way with his girlfriend Serena, who is also the daughter of the Venture’s new arch-nemesis, White Whale. Later we get to see SGT Hatred, Dr. Orpheus, the Order of the Tried, and the rest of the usual suspects and its great to see them again, with the usual talking, banter, and charm. We also see in this episode the return of Enrico Matasa, one of Hank’s many funny aliases, which this episode made Enrico on top of the list, I won’t say how but you have to watch it and find out why. Billy and White also had funny moments during the episode while trying to “fix” the computer system and talk about how hackers in movies are nothing like to hackers in real life, which was funny. At the near end of the episode, we see something that will maybe play a significant part on the rest of season 7 and maybe get more answers to a question that has been a substantial storyline plot for the series. As a whole, it’s a great way to start season 7, and I can’t wait to see the next episode and see where it’s going.

So what do you think about the season premiere of The Venture Bros? Anything that you like, didn’t like or haven’t watch it yet? Let us know!