Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! The new Predator movie titled “The Predator” is set to release on September 14 of this year, and the rumors that the “leaked” script is the real thing and is depressing to read by many who had read it before it was taking down. The Nightrider or I will be doing a review of “The Predator” once it comes out, but for know, I want to tell you two great Predator stories that you may not have read yet.

Predator: Hell come a Walkin’ was a two-issue comic that was published from February and March of 1998 by Dark Horse Comics. Written by Nancy A. Collins and Dean Ormston did all of the artwork, inking, and coloring for this mini-series, the story takes place in the year 1863 during the Civil War, yes you read it, THE CIVIL WAR. The battle takes place in the Ozark Mountains, and both the Union and Confederate armies are about to start a battle, but slowly the Confederates began to lose men in very mysterious ways. Soon before both armies are fighting in the battlefield, they see the Predator, and both armies decided to join forces to fight for their lives and kill the Predator. What makes this story a great read is the fact it takes place in the Civil War, a different time with insufficient technology and ideology. The character development and storytelling from each soldiers point of view are told with great pace and make you even more invested in them, primarily Dutch, Spartacus, and Jesse. I won’t spoil the ending to this one, but the conclusion is reasonable due to the era the story takes place. You can find this two-part series in Predator Omnibus: Volume 4.

Predator:1718 is a one-shot short story Dark Horse Comics published in its A Decade of Dark Horse in July of 1996. Written by Henry Gilroy and Igor Kordey did the artwork, inking and coloring in this one, which I have to say looks beautiful. Before I get to the story of this I will point out there will be a spoiler at the end of this I will talk about, so you been warned. The story takes place in 1718 on an island of Guinea, where a Pirate captain named Raphael Adolini who was very angry at his crew, who stolen gold that was for a church. From afar a Predator was looking at Adolini and see him as a worthy pray to hunt, soon the Predator sees the captain fighting with his crew, and it joins in to help Adolini fighting side by side till the crew were all dead. Once that fight was over, the Predator turns to Adolini, in a battle stance and so does Adolini until a shot from one of the men who survived the battle and hit Adolini in the back. Anger the Predator kills that man and looks at Adolini, who gives the Predator his gun and dies, soon after the Predator offers Raphael Adolini a warrior’s funeral and drops his sword onto Adolini dead body and leave. Now here comes the spoiler where you can watch here. As you can it was the same Predator that fought with Adolini in Predator 2. You can find this story in the Predator Omnibus: Volume 2

Either of these stories can be made into a film, done right of course. Shouldn’t be too long, stay close to the source material, don’t go crazy with the script as well and DO NOT add any type of stupid unwanted love stories in it as well.

So what you think about these stories, should they be made into films down the road or no? Let us know in the comments below!