AHOY ME MATEYS, Captain Cats and The Nightrider here. Today we are continuing are SDCC breakdown, and we are going to take a look on the Food and Outdoor aspect of SDCC.

The food inside the convention center was a hit and miss this year. Two of its main selling points for this year was their “unique” comic con themed chocolate bars and fish tacos. Let’s start with that bars because they made four different themes of bars.

  • ANIME: crisp wafer dipped in matcha flavor white chocolate with a color splatter design on the shell.
  • DRAGON GLASS: bits of cocoa covered in milk chocolate with a dark chocolate shell.
  • KRYPTONITE: a mix of dark chocolate and green pop rocks in a green and white chocolate shell.
  • S’MORES: dark chocolate bar filled with bits of marshmallows and graham crackers.

Each bar was $5 a bar and to be honest, they were all ok, not great and brought nothing new to the world of pastry. If we had to pick a good and bad flavor it would be good flavor has to be S’MORES and the bad was either the ANIME and KRYPTONITE. The S’MORES was good, had a bit of everything in all the right places, while the other two never really tasted right and had a not so pleasant aftertaste. The fish tacos were not that great at all, two for $12 for something is considered to be a “local dish.” The batter wasn’t great; we think they used the wrong fish for this and added a sauce that wasn’t great and uncalled for. People we talked to about what they think about this either said it was “ok” or ” I had better in a taco shop” and it is not hard to mess up a fish taco, we are very disappointed in this.

The outside of the convention center was a BLAST! A lot to do, see, interact with and enjoy. The best part of it was that you didn’t need a comic con pass to enjoy it, open to the public unless otherwise, which were maybe like 2-3 outdoor events. DC, SyFy, Amazon, Netflix, Namco-Bandai, HULU, Nintendo, FOX, ArenaNet, Comedy Central and so much more! The outdoor activities were the best part of SDCC and to be honest a lot of people were having a great time outside then being inside and don’t get me started with Conan O’Brien, the hottest ticket to have for SDCC and Horton Grand Theater with 2, 2 screening of Teen Titans GO to the Movies a week before release!

Tell us what you think about the food and outside of the convention center. Did we miss something? Let us know!