Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! SDCC is four days away, the list of exclusives are up and ready to look at. With the unofficial total 703 Exclusives and maybe counting this year could be a good one. SDCC released its 2018 Exhibitor Merch, and that’s a lot. As you can see, there is a lot of items you want to get and so on, but I would suggest a few things that could help you with all of this.

1. Needs VS Wants

So let’s get this out of the way. In a convention such as this, let alone any other convention you need to make a choice on any exclusives and ask yourself, do you need it or want it? Needing something for your collection to wanting it can be a tough one, let alone if said exclusives are for someone else who couldn’t make it to said convention.

2. Narrowing down to what you like

A lot of us have a favorite superhero or super villain, author, artist, manga series and so on. Narrowing the list down to what you like can be a huge help. You don’t want to end up maxing out all of your cards and see your bank statement all in the red and asking yourself “How did I spend so much?!?!?”

3. Remember your budget!!!!

This one is always on the WHAT TO REMEMBER LIST! You are going to a convention for the next five days, not only you have to watch how you spend your money on exclusives, but also food, water, other things you might need during your time in the said location of the said convention. Going overboard very early and then starving for the rest of the convention is not fun at all.

4. Shipping Cost

Lastly is also an important one as well, shipping cost! Depending on what you buy and the size of said exclusives, you may not be able to take it back with you on your trip back home. Make sure you have a budget for shipping said exclusives back to your home and have money to spare for yourself as well.

Well, I hope this little advice will give you a good ideal on what going to go on for you during SDCC!