Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! March 3, 1997, MTV aired a show that I think personally consider to be the smartest show MTV has ever had. And that show was Daria. To many who grew up during the 90s, MTV stood for Music Television, and they played music video all the time. Later they introduce shows like Beavis and Butt-Head, The Real World, True Life and MTV Unplugged, but none were like Daria. Daria was smart, witty, dry, cynical humor that matches her criticisms on pop culture and social status. Daria and series cast of memorable colorful lively and at times odd characters lasted for five seasons with two films and ended in January of 2002. After that, we never heard from her since, and MTV hasn’t had a show like that ever again…..until now.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that MTV is launching a new studio called MTV Studio( which I’m not surprised) with a goal of rebooting classic hit shows that MTV had aired and sell them to other networks and streamers such as Netflix and Hulu. To read more about how they will do this click here

The new Daria series will be called “Daria and Jodie.” The new series will be about Daria and Jodi Landon, one of Daria close and few friends from the original series. The show will fallow both of them and see the world from their points of view and critic it. MTV is ambitious in what they want to do here, and I tip my captain’s hat to them. We don’t know if the original cast of characters will be back for the reboot and also if it will take place in Lawndale and Lawndale High. Also fun fact, Daria was a spin-off from Beavis and Butt-Head and was on the show, and oddly enough were friends with the boys. If you haven’t watch Daria at all, look online and watch an episode, if you like it go and find the DVD box set and enjoy yourself.

So what you think about this, you ever have seen or grew up watching Daria, let us know!