Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! DC and Warner Bros haven’t had a great run with its DC movie universe, the only real hit they had so far is Wonder Woman. That might change at the San Diego Comic-Con(SDCC). According to CBR.com, Warner Bros might drop the Shazam! Trailer at Hall H! With Aquaman and maybe Shazam at Hall H, this can be what both Warner Bros and DC might need to show themselves, and to the world, they have faith in the DC Movie Universe. To read more on this here click on the link here.

Remember this is all just rumors and it may not be shown at all, so remember that. I think DC needs to show Shazam, beside Aquaman they don’t have anything else. They need to win back people like how Wonder Woman did, and maybe Shazam can do it. I also think that Shazam needs to be like Wonder Woman, in terms of it’s tone, it cant be dark AT ALL! Shazam is about Billy Batson, a boy whom if said the magical word SHAZAM out loud is transformed into an adult superhero with super powers and strength. If by any means, they somehow turn this into something dark and pointless (Batman VS Superman) then they have no idea what they are doing, and you can stick a fork in this movie universe because it’s done for!

So what you think about Shazam rumored? Will you be at Hall H at SDCC, let us know!