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Olivier Jean-Marie Passed Away At 61

Ahoy Captain Cats here and we have some sad news to report. It was reported by Cartoon Brew that Olivier Jean-Marie has passed away. If you don't know who he is you may know the works that he directed and created, most notably Zig & Sharko and Oggy And The...

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Super Me Review

Yo Ho, WeRCatz here! The Chinese fantasy film Super Me released on June 28, 2019. It was acquired by Netflix and premiered on May 8, 2021. The film starts with screenwriter Sang Yu (played by Darren Wang). He struggles to make a script because of his persistent...

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Netflix Is Eyeing To Get Into The Video Game Market

Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at what may be what Netflix may or may not be doing down the road. According to numerous reports, it looks like Netflix might be looking to get into video games kind of like the way Apple does with their Apple...

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David Anthony Kraft and Esegé Passed Away

Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have some sad news to report on a comic book writer/critic and an artist who passed away this past week and they were David Anthony Kraft and Esegé. David Anthony Kraft was a comic book writer and critic who passed away on May 19...

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Underground: City Girl C-GIRL

Today in underground we are going to look at the latest album from City Girl and that album is C-GIRL. Unlike City Girls previous albums, this one has a lot of guests with the likes of tiffi, Kelsey Kuan, ry, highvyn, and siopaolo and each track is a gem. From the...

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Hidden Gems: Kraftwerk Computer World Turns 40

Today in Hidden Gems we are going to look at an album that turns 40 by the pioneers of modern electronic music who just was announced that they were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they are Kraftwerk and their album is Computer World. After the release...

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Dark Side Of Football Series Premiere Review

Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the series premiere of the spin-off series of Dark Side of the Ring and that series is Dark Side of Football. The series premise is to explore the side of American Football that the media at said time of each...

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Dance of the 41 Review

Yo Ho, WeRCatz here! The film El Baile de los 41 (Dance of the 41) was premiered theatrically on November 1, 2020, at the Morelia International Film Festival and was released on November 19th. The worldwide premiere of the film was on May 12th, 2021 by Netflix. The...

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Love, Death + Robots Season 2 Review

Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second season of the Netflix anthology series Love, Death + Robots. Right off the bat, there are only a total of eight episodes here and they are somewhat of a hit or miss depending on person to person. To...

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Sega Thinking About Bringing Back Some Dreamcast Games

Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about some news about Sega. There have been some rumors going around the net that Sega is thinking about bringing back some IPs from the beloved Dreamcast library and giving them new life. While there were a lot of...

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