Today on Hidden Gem we are going to look at a group that does music for a wonderful cause and that group is Drawing Attention.

Drawing Attention is a group of local musicians who create music local blood drive in 2014 and it wasn’t just any local blood drive, it was for the Robert A. Heinlein Blood Dive that takes place during the San Diego Comic-Con International.

Since then from 2015 till now they have been releasing music albums just for this event and the music is different but in a very good way. The lyrics and song titles all have a pop culture theme around them and it shows. Each song has its charm, wit and makes one’s inner nerd fill with joy and delight. Anyone who knows this feeling about anything they “nerd out” on can see what I am talking about.

Drawing Attention is not doing this kind of music for either fame or fortune, they do it for the love of music and all things that we all nerd about whether its films, tv series, comics art or anything the pop culture community loves. To the members of Drawing Attention, I tip my hat to you and keep doing you.