Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review Mirka Andolfo’s newest work and that new series is called Mercy.

Let get to the main point, this new series from the fame Italian writer and artist is nothing like her previous two works, the anthropomorphic drama Unnatural and the romance comedy Un/Sacred, both a must-read, Mercy is pure horror and its fantastic.

We see the open pages of what looks like during the late nineteenth century and we see it’s like the western version The Thing and soon after we see someone walking up towards the reader and a hand reaches out to the said person. Soon after the pace changes, the environment is changing and we are introduced to some of the main and supporting characters with the like of Lady Swanson, Jonathan and Betsy, Rory, the townsfolks of Woodsburgh, Goodwill and of course Lady Hellaine. The way the town and its people live, interact with one another and the hierarchy of who is who slowly builds up and is done wonderfully. With small twists and turns and some unexpected out of the blue moments make this comic worth reading.

Mirka Andolfo has something special going with this new series, it has this Dark Shadow, John Carpenter’s The Thing meets Sergio Leone Once Upon a Time in the West vibe and its perfect. The storytelling, the pacing, the setting, and the characters make this series worth reading and keeping an eye one because if you are a fan of her previous works or new to her work you are in for a treat!