Today on Hidden Gems is an album that was just released late last year and has quickly become one of the best original soundtracks of last year and even maybe this year and that album is the Beastars Original Soundtrack.

The album was released on December 18 of last year in Japan and as of now the only way to listen to it is via MP3 or someone put the whole album up on YouTube, which someone did. The album was composed by Satoru Koaski, who did work on other famous anime series such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Monogatari’s first two seasons and did work on the Tekken video game series.

From the opening track “Beastars,” the music welcomes you in an old fashion kind of sound, something simple yet elegant, one could close their eyes and just listen to the music and could almost see them playing in your mind with such bliss. From here on out the music changes and add different layers to your pallet, from the beautiful yet haunting track “Cannibalism,” the simple jazz lounge singing and music of “Many Stories,” the odd yet enjoyable happy-go-lucky sounds of “Cherryton Academy,” and “Harlequin Rabbits,” the lovely smile on your face sound of “JUNO is in love.”

Overall the album is one of those few anime albums that anyone can listen to and enjoy it for what it is, beautiful music to your ears. The last anime that had a soundtrack that was universally loved was Cowboy Bebop and that came out back in 1998 by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts. Do yourself a huge favor and listen to this soundtrack any way you can and make a pot of coffee or your favorite drink and sit back and enjoy it.