Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are talking about a reboot of some sort of the former Vertigo now DC Black Label series Hellblazer with everyone favorite mage we all love to hate, John Constantine.

From beginning to end this reboot tries to go back to its Vertigo roots with its dark tones, lively expressions, very adult situations and John looking like he as aged. We also see that in the first few opening pages the series takes place in modern times. We also see John as a man out of time with how the way he acts, talks and walks, while trying to be himself and not compromise for and to anyone. We also see him getting into the same old situations that he is used too and it doesn’t take to long for everything going to hell (no pun intended.)

I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of DC Black Label, out of all the books that came out of this, only a handful of them are great and those handful are batman related works. After seeing and reading this, I’m glad they are bringing back this John Constantine, not the DC version of John Constantine. For anyone who always heard about Hellblazer but never had the chance to read the Vertigo run, this is a great chance and way to get into this world and series. Not only that but Hellblazer will be part of the Sandman Universe, which is a good thing to me, if your an old fan of the Vertigo series like myself or want to read something different from DC Black Label, this is your book.