Today on Hidden Gem we are going to review the latest single from Carter Fox’s upcoming album ‘Cartercraft’ in 2020 and that single is Nethergate.

From beginning to end the single is giving off a Nujabes vibe in terms of how the flow of the music is and its simplicity. The beats and effects go hand in hand to one another and sync just fine. This is something you can listen to if you want to chill out and play some video games or go sit outside and see the sunset and the moon rise and look at the stars. This single is one of those singles that you can play it at any time of the day and enjoy it for what it is. Fox shows in this single that sometimes the best music in the world are the ones that you don’t see coming your way and end up enjoying it for being simple yet easy to the ears.

Carter Fox made a simple yet chill mix that not only shows off his artistic abilities but also makes the listener go on this little trip to another world and come back all chilled out. His upcoming album ‘Cartercraft’ will be out in 2020 via Biblioteka Records and if this single is something that your into keep an eye out for it and we’ll try to have a full review on ‘Cartercraft’ once it’s available in 2020.