Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about a survival horror series that turn 20 and it all started with the first game in the series and that game is Silent Hill, but first a mini-history lesson.

The year was 1996 and Capcom released Resident Evil on the first PlayStation and it was a massive hit. Konami created a new development team called Team Silent, which was made up of staff members within Konami at the time. The game went into development in September of 1996 and was in development for the next two years until its release of January of 1999. During development Team Silent went and created a game that would appeal to the emotions and psychological aspects of the player and not just some “Resident Evil clone.” Silent Hill was first showed at the 1998 E3 and the trailer was nothing like anyone has seen before in gaming, it was dark, a full 3D environment and look nothing like Resident Evil, which Capcom just released Resident Evil 2 in January of 1998.

When Silent Hill was released it was nothing like Resident Evil at all. The game was very different in terms of everything, from the setting, the storyline, the lore and so on, Silent Hill was made for horror fans who were looking for a real scare and horrors like chills and thrills. The story for Silent Hill is a simple yet interesting, Harry Mason is on a drive with his daughter and out of nowhere a small girl was walking on the road and move out of the way and crash. Once he wakes up, his daughter is missing and Harry goes into the town of Silent Hill in search of her. The gameplay is from a third-person view and some of the camera work in the game looks and feels like you were watching a film. The music in the game also fits the mood of the game in terms of horror vibe and does put most horror films of today to shame.

While the series has seen better days in the past, do yourself a favor and play this game and if you enjoy this type of horror play Silent Hill 2, 3, and The Room, but be warned the games can be very distributing in more then one way.