Ahoy Captain Cats here and this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS for short) just ended and what a show it was. We are going to talk about some of the big news that came out of TGS 2019.

Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE was the game of the show
SquareEnix’s Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE was the game everyone wanted to see and play. There was even a new game trailer that was shown at the show, and it was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. This is one of the games that will give Cyberpunk 2077 a run for its money for a game of the year in 2020

Death Stranding showed off more gameplay and a new trailer
Hideo Kojima was at TGS to show off more of his latest game Death Stranding. There were a full gameplay presentation and a new trailer, which like all the other trailers, you need time to take it all in and have to sit and think on what you just saw.

SNK showed off its NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro
SNK showed off its newest hardware and its the massive NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro. This fighting game stick will have 20 fighting games preinstalled and will have a worldwide release, the price and launch date will be announced on a later date.

Capcom’s new Resident Evil
Capcom showed the newest Resident Evil just days before the TGS, and the game is called Project Resistance. It looks like a remake or a new installment of an old Resident Evil game series which was called Resident Evil Outbreak on the PS2. It seems like Capcom has finally listened to its fans.

So many new game trailers
There was a lot of new game trailers that were shown as we so here are a rundown on some of the many games that were there:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind
Nioh 2
One Piece Pirate Warriors 4
Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Sakura Wars

There you go that is all the news that came out of TGS 2019