Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the first issue of a 6 issue mini-series of everyone’s favorite DC female duo Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

This series is set after the “HEROES IN CRISIS” event and in the middle of the “Year of the Villain” event and we see both Harley and Ivy at a dinner trying to live a quiet, healthy life. We see Ivy falling apart in a dressing room, and Harley picks her up, put her in a bag, and left the mall. After a few pages, we see Ivy looking like her old self, and just like Harley, the artwork on Ivy looks beautiful. After a heartfelt talk, the girls were attacked by the Floronic Man, who claims that the Parliament of Flowers chose him to be its new champion. This issue ends on a cliffhanger as we see them all tied up.

This mini-series is off to a great start, with Jody Houser doing an excellent job with the storyline. We see how they are trying to adjust to what happened after the events of “HEROES IN CRISIS,” which was a hit and miss event with some choices that will bite DC in the butt in the future. The artwork by Adriana Melo is fantastic here, and the same can be said for Mark Morales ink work. The color pallet that Hi-Fi used here was great, especially for the Floronic Man and Poison Ivy throughout this issue.

I can’t wait for what is in store in the next issue and see who else will come out and play.