Today on hidden gems we are going to talk about an album that came out of nowhere from a group who just came back and drop one of the best hip hop albums of 2019 and that is Little Brother with their outstanding comeback album May the Lord Watch.

The last time this group released an album was back in 2010 with their fourth album Leftback, and the group disbanded later that year. It would be nine years later that we would hear another album from the North Carolina group and they came back big time. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh announced on August 19 that they were going to release the group newest album at midnight on August 20. I’m so glad that I stayed up for it because this album is unbelievable.

From the albums first track The Feel we get continuity from their landmark album The Minstrel Show we have UBN again but this time more modern and soon after that the beat and lyrics kick in. Phonte and Big Pooh sounded like they didn’t miss a step or had any rust on there rhymes at all. From here on out till the end of the album, Little Brother just kept attacking your ears with everything, while at the same time talking about topics about romance but with an honest point of view, faith, loving yourself and growing up but from a musical point of view.

Tracks like Black Magic (Make It Better), Goodmoring Sunshine, All in a Day, Sittin Alone shows how Little Brother tackle vasts amount of topics while having beats that go so well with each track. Speaking about the tracks, the third member of Little Brother, DJ/Producer 9th Wonder was not on this album for producing and music duties. Instead, those duties went to Khrysis, Nottz, Focus and Black Milk, whom all did a fantastic job on this album.

May the Lord Watch is by far THE best hip hop album of 2019 and its not even a week old, Little Brother has once again shown how hip hop can be done right and at the same time doesn’t need to be so out of place with itself and be true to itself. Also our deepest condolences to the late Percy Miracles, you will surely be missed.