Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I am going to review the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC for short) and tell you what was good and not so good.


The Big 50 – This year was the 50th year of the SDCC, and it was interesting. With lots of panels, events, and pins, SDCC 50 was great.

Artist Alley – Every year artist alley is always a great place to be if your looking for new artwork from either your favorite artist or find a new artist you may never hear of before until now. As always I go there every year and see what I can find and found I did.

Dragon Ball Z and Gundam – Both series celebrated their 30 and 40 anniversary at SDCC with events outside of the convention center, and they were pack with tons of people. I couldn’t get in line at all, but if they come back next year, I’ll try again.

The Will Eisner Awards – This was great as always and if you have a chance to go to it, go next year it is worth it and does deserve the name “The Oscars of the comic book world.”

The Her Universe Fashion Show – WOW just wow, from start to finish, I saw a lot of creativity, originality, color, and designs that you wouldn’t see in any fashion week show. The Her Universe Fashion Show was the first time both the Nightrider and I got in, and it was by far the best-kept secret of Comic-Con! We will post a link here to see the highlights of the show, and if you are coming back to SDCC next year, go to this show! Also, congratulations to all the designers who were in this year’s finals and we hope to see you again next year!

The Exhibit Hall – It is my home away from home, I know a lot of the vendors at this convention and friends as well, so it’s always lovely to see them every year and talk and enjoy our time. You be surprised at who will be your new friend, best friend, or go-to place to shop for now one and so forth.

Not So Great

The Convention Center Food – Overpriced, very salty, not filling and by far they make the WORST fish tacos I have ever had in my life. I live in San Diego, and it is home to the best Mexican food outside of Mexico, the hometown of the fish taco, the California burrito, carne asada fries, and carne asada. A place like the Convention Center that can’t make a fish taco right shouldn’t be selling or making them at all!

Hall H line – Nuff said

Outside events – There were a lot of them but had no time or way to get in and wait in line due to people camping out in these lines. Hopefully, next year, I can try to get into one of these events.

The Weather – I don’t mind hot weather at all, but for many who were in line outside, it was not great for them.

So overall SDCC was a good show this year, would I say SDCC was a hit and miss? No, but the convention center cooks need to step their game up big time.