Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the third episode to the season-ending episode of Doom Patrol and its “Flex Patrol.”

The episode opens up where “Cyborg Patrol” left off at the Ant Farm and that place is a hot mess. With the help of Jane, the team is back in Doom Manor with Flex Mentallo, who has no memory of who he is. Soon we see Jane take Cyborg, his dad, and Rita to a hospital and Jane and Cliff try to help Flex remember who he is. While all of this is happening Larry and the negative spirit has a heart to heart talk, and Larry gave the spirit its freedom, but by doing so, Larry was slowly dying. At the hospital, we hear Rita’s secret past, and after talking about it, she feels empowered and talks to cyborg who ended up staying with his dad and leaving the team. After numerous events, it took Jane to locate Dolores, Flex’s wife and after a heartfelt moment, she slowly disintegrate. Flex in anger uses his powers to show how he felt, and at the end of the episode, we had the most excellent 4th wall breaking of all time thanks to Mr. Nobody stating that the team is ready to face him.

This episode was the episode that showed what made this series a joy to watch. You see how far the team has come from, from its odd and strange first outing to now you noticed how this bizarre group of heroes grown into their own. With the departure of cyborg and maybe the addition of Flex Mentallo, this is what many fans of the comic book series have been waiting for.

Next week episode for the Doom Patrol is titled ” Penultimate Patrol” and could be the set up to the season finale of the series and maybe the introduction to its next series.