Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are going for another round of video games news so here we go!

Google announced Google Stadia – Google took center stage, and the world saw the announcement of their gaming venture with its name: Google Stadia. Stadia will be cloud-based gaming and has many people talking about it, both good and bad about this concept. While Microsoft announced their cloud base streaming technology with xCloud, many people, including everyone here can say that this was one of two things that stole GDC and with E3 less than three months away we have to wait and see what’s going to happen.

Union was the central theme at the GDC Awards – During the GDC Awards, there was a segment that leads up to the central issue and point that needs to talk about, and that theme was unions. From Tim Schafer funny bit about unions and thanking the local union that was doing the stage work that night by name, to many people who went up on stage with “UNION NOW” buttons and pins; this could be the start of something that should have been done years ago.

EverQuest turns 20 – Last week EverQuest, a 3D MMORPG that was the first hugely commercially MMORPG to be successful was released on March 16, 1999. Twenty years later the game is still active and people still plaything it with its current expansion “The Burning Land” was released in December of last year if your wondering “The Burning Land” is the games 25th expansion. EverQuest released a 20th-anniversary video which you can watch here.

NetherRealm introduced two more characters to MK11 – At the Chicago Comic&Entertainment Expo or C2E2 for short, showcased a new trailer for Nood Saibot and announced that Shang Tsung would be the first DLC character post-release of MK11. Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa will reprise the character he did in the 1998 Mortal Kombat film.

There you go, that’s the video game news roundup!