Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats. The Game Developers Conference or GDC for short starts today, and we have some of the last minute rumors that are in the air, so let us get started.

Google will have something to show off at this year GDC. – Last week Google showed off a trailer about what they are going to announce on Tuesday when they take center stage, and many are thinking they could be hugely entering the gaming industry. If this rumor is true, this would be a substantial bold move on Google, and I think they might pull it off. The only thing I can think of would be they would be a cloud-based system or service that run smoothly and has all of googles bells and whistles.

Microsoft xCloud – With PC and home console gaming are almost on par in terms of hardware and software, Microsoft may be looking at closing the gap and making them both on the same level. The xCloud is an online cloud that will make gaming on the go on every level, from PC to the next X BOX to maybe other consoles, this could be a massive step towards a console-less future, but it also begs the question; is that something that we want?

Sony makes an announcement. – With Sony already not going to this year’s E3, many are wondering why they do that. There are rumors that Sony will make some announcements or maybe just one and that one could be the PS5. It would make a lot of noise and maybe steal some of Google and Microsoft thunder at the same time.

The announcement of a Video Game Developers Union. – The past couple of years we have seen a lot of layoffs, unethical practices and hearing story of how they work themselves to death to meet deadlines, now would be the time for them to unionize. With any form of an announcement of unionization, this could be the start of something that should have been done years ago.

And that was the last minute rumors for GDC 2019.