Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. 2018 was an exciting year in comics. We have seen and read a lot of good and bad comics and lost some significant people along the way so here is some of the best and worst this that happen in comics in 2018.

Bingo Love was nothing but Love – Bingo Love comes out of nowhere and won the hearts of readers with its story and artwork. Written by Tee Franklin and artwork by Jenn St-Onge, the pair made a wonderful book, and I highly recommend you to read this.

Mister Miracle was the best comic for DC this year – Tom King and Mitch Gerads run on this fantastic book with an ending that is both mind-blowing and puzzling at the same time. This was one of DC’s best book they had in 2018.

Infidel was this year overlooked book – Infidel is to me this year’s hidden gems in comics for 2018. Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell made this one stand out and I recommended this for anyone if you are looking for a great scare and read.

Unnatural is the series you should be reading – Mirka Andolfo’s book has been a joy to read. Very different in every way and the art is such a joy to look at as well. Once you start reading about Leslie and her world, you’ll be hooked in no time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series gets a nod for comic series of the year for 2018.

Comic-Con 2018 – So much happen during this year’s SDCCI 2018 it would take a day to do that alone.

The Sandman series returns – DC Vertigo has brought back one of the best series of all time, The Sandman. The Sandman’s Universe has been off to a great start, and this is a series that will only get better in 2019.

The lost of Stan Lee and Other who did a lot for the industry – 2018 was hard on everyone with Stan Lee passed away but also a lot of other famous artist, writers, and contributors who did so much as well such as:

  • Chandi Lahiri
  • Howard Sparber
  • Lee Holley
  • Pino Rinaldi
  • Steve Ditko
  • Rumen Petkov
  • Marie Severin
  • Carlos Ezquerra
  • Anthea Bell
  • Larry Pickering
  • John Rogers

With 2018 close to ending, let us hope that 2019 brings great things to comics.