Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. SNK announced with a new bundle set for its NeoGeo Mini with a Limited Edition Christmas theme set.

The mini will have the famous red arcade case that SNK was famous for in the ’90s in the USA, with some Christmas design to go along with it. The bundle will also have the following:

  • Two gamepads
  • HDMI cable
  • Power supply cable, but no AC adaptor
  • Seven Christmas stickers
  • Two screen protectors
  • Anti-Slip Cushion

Another interesting note is that it will have 48 games, eight more than the Japanese and International version. The eight additional games are as follow:

  1. Ninja Combat
  2. League Bowling
  3. Soccer Brawl
  4. The Super Spy
  5. Fatal Fury
  6. Fatal Fury 2
  7. Fatal Fury 3
  8. Savage Reign

No word yet on when it will go on sale, but they are taking Pre-orders in Japan, North America, and Europe and this bundle will only have 15,000 worldwide.

Let us know if your planning on getting this or not in the comments below!