Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. Today I’m going to be reviewing two issues from the current Punisher run. Issue 2 came out in September and Issue 3 came out in October of this year. To be honest, both issues came out under my radar, and I didn’t know until issue 3 came out, and I found out a week later. So what I’m going to do in this review I’m going to review both of them as a whole.

We see Zemo give a speech to a group of people trying to convents them to do his dirty work on killing Frank Castle aka The Punisher. We see Frank going after to Hydra agents and kills one in public and chases the other one by foot into the subway. We see Frank doing what he needs to do to get the information about “Protocol 42” in which all Hydra agents have to go dark till The Punisher is dead. Soon after we see a raid style attack by the NYPD on The Punisher and after an escape and phone call from Fury, we see Frank going up against Luke Cage and the Iron Fist aka Heroes for Hire. After a long fight, Frank leaves the battle to a get on a subway and meets up with Daredevil, who tries to talk him into turning himself into the police. Soon after we see them teaming up to fight off a horde of people who were hired by Zemo and most of issue 3 was the fighting till Daredevil trick Frank, and he was arrested and taking to a precinct where we see Fury show up to bail him out and at the end Jigsaw shows up as well.

In a whole reading them back to back as I did make this series worth the pickup, but wait month by month I would have to say that issue 3 was somewhat of a miss. Issue 2 was great with tone, storyline, setup, and pace of it. Issue 3, on the other hand, was all action, which I didn’t mind but all that action didn’t make the story move forward till the near end where Daredevil tricked Frank and that made the story moved forward. The art and coloring for this series are great so far, and the environment setting is very dark and vivid and personally really is the star of the show. Wish they could have used Zemo a bit more but we have to wait and see.

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